Cameroon’s emergence is slowly but sure as  evident in many sectors.


  1. At Latrium-SPAR you get Original Brands and products in Cameroon: Malls are preferable because there are a lot of fake things now in the market but in malls you are certain to get original things
  2. Unlike other Malls or Shops at L’Atrium-SPAR you buy in retail or Bulk  with Variety of Choices: There’s a variety of what u want, brands and in bulk
  3. There is no where else in Cameroon where you can get good and quality products at low Prices and lot of discounts: Prices of things are low in malls than in local markets or retail stores
  4. L’Atrium-SPAR is unique: Unlike locals markets, L’Atrium has dining options that shoppers can relax over a meal, coffee,  a glass of juice and/or smoothie.
  5. Shopping at L’Atrium SPAR with high security from theft or related: There’s guarantee of security in shopping malls than local markets
  6. The Structure, Location & Environment of L’atrium-SPAR is the best in Douala: Shopping malls are convenient and enjoyable and Latrium is environment is clean, quiet , extensive parking lodge.  One can easily get what you want at one place without having to trek around.
  7. It is fun shopping at L’Atrium-SPAR: While shopping you can get an ice cream and/ or a bite at the tree house
  8. Easy Networking( Social, professional and more): People meet and can sit over a glass of juice and get to know each other.
  9. Modern and Comfortable Shopping:Unlike other Shopping Malls or Supermarkets in Cameroon, with L’atrium-SPAR website you can check out all products details including prices, promos at your convenience before you visit L’Atrium-SPAR Mall to shop for them with your planned budget.